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About I week ago I mentioned on Twitter that the condo we live in has been sold. The new owner wants to move in as soon as possible, thus we have made an agreement to leave by October 29th.

This decision has forced our hand somewhat.

After considering our options, we have decided to have the baby (which we are tentatively calling “Maya”) in Japan. The baby is due late January. I plan on leaving for Japan in mid-January. My wife will leave sooner. In fact, she will be leaving October 18th, taking our 2-year-old with her.

This means that I need to find a room to rent for two-and-a-half months. I am hoping to bunk with a friend or co-worker downtown, but will be checking out Konbinya and other places for shared accommodations. I would gratefully appreciate if anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions.


This will be about the seventh time in 10 years that my wife and I will spend an extended time apart (extending from a few months to nearly a year at a time). It will be the third (and longest) time my daughter and I have spent more than a month apart. International marriages are amazingly rewarding, but also can be very difficult and lonely — not just in terms of cultural and language differences, but also in terms of making the decision (or not) of which country should be “home”. We will return to Canada on April 11th 2012. For a long time we have wanted to make Canada our home, at least for the foreseeable future. But ever since we first set foot on Canadian soil in 2005 we just cannot seem to shake Japan. We’ve never lasted much longer than a year before going back. Needless to say, this is costly: bank account-wise as well as psychologically. That said, I am looking forward to 3 months in my adopted country. I always have fun there, and it will be great to start another round of babycare.