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Greetings! Let me give you a quick primer about me, and what you can find on this site.

I was born and raised in the Canadian Rockies. I spent most of my 20s in Japan (Kyoto and Nagoya). After a few years working for Apple Japan I returned to Canada with my family to pursue a career in startups, but would often go back and forth to Japan. Recently we did a year on Ikijima, a small island between Japan and Korea (Why Iki?). Currently we are in Osaka until 2024 after spending the last year and a half living in Kyoto (Relocating to Kyoto).

I have maintained this blog since 2009 as a place for thinking and writing aloud. I look at it as a record of my intellectual development. As of October 2023 I started using Microblog at https://micro.chadkohalyk.com

My words have also appeared in The Literary Review of Canada, Kyoto Journal, Books on Asia, Unseen Japan, and the Asian Review of Books.



Particularly the provincial regions. Kyoto is sort of my “hometown” in Japan, but I don’t want to limit myself to thinking Kyoto == Japan. It does not!


I am very interested in the intersection of Buddhism and politics throughout history. I have explored many traditions but practice in the Thai Forest Monastery tradition under Ajahn Sona. My Pali name is Sanghapāla. Learn more →


Mostly political, though I have dabbled in other areas.


I have favourites in many leagues around the world, but follow Spurs the closest.

International relations

Particularly Asia. I keep dibs on China and India, but the Pacific periphery countries hold my interest. I wrote my master’s thesis on sea lanes of communication and Japanese energy security.


This is a longtime interest, and is less about the new and sparkly, and more about the intersection with politics.

Better living

This includes minimalism, vegetarianism, urban design, anti-consumerism, etc.


Lived in Vancouver, Kyoto, Kingston (Ontario), Nagoya, Kelowna, Iki, Osaka. Traveled throughout Asia, from Far East to Far West.

Schooled at UBCRitsRMC, and a little at INSEAD. You can read some of my academic work on Scribd or Academia.edu. I have a couple of published works including a couple of chapters in a book on military theory.

Worked in education, public relations and tech sectors. Spent 5 years at Apple and then 15 in startups. Based on this experience in the tech industry, I have mentored at many events, and even taught digital ethics and entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Professionally I have done everything from web strategy, PR, brand consulting, workflow consulting, information management, UX, ran a tech department, and generally doing business operations. I have made many websites and consulted on many more. Years ago I produced the Lining Things Up podcast, an interview show of tech people in Western Canada (and Japan!).

Trained at the ShofukanPurebred and Alive.

Follow me on the fediverse at https://indieweb.social/@chadkoh and on Bluesky @chadkoh.com

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