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As much as possible, I try to spend time on my blog. I have been distracted by technology criticism over the past few years.

I support the Whitecaps, Spurs, and Grampus.


Lived in Vancouver, Kyoto, Kingston and Nagoya. Travelled throughout Asia, from Far East to Far West.

Schooled at UBC, Rits and RMC. You can read some of my academic work. I have a couple of published works including a couple of chapters in a book on military theory.

Worked in education, public relations and tech sectors. Spent 5 years at Apple. Done web strategy, PR, brand consulting, workflow consulting, information management, polished custom application interfaces, and ran a tech department. I have made many websites and consulted on many more. Prior to my startup career I produced the Lining Things Up podcast.

Trained at the Shofukan, Purebred and Alive.