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Winter is Coming

Remember back a few months ago when I was in the ER with my wife who had stomach pain?

Been in the ER for an hour and a half now. Waiting room is blaring Canucks news. Meanwhile, wife in pain. Gotta love Canadian Healthcare.

— Chad Kohalyk (@chadkoh) June 2, 2011

Yeah, well, it was that special kind of stomach pain that goes away only after nine months.

If I have seemed busy over the past few months, out of touch, always running home after work and often visiting the clinic, you now know why. I apologize if I have inconvenienced any of you.

Anywho, today we went and took a picture:

The baby is healthy and fine, and due January 26th. The ultrasound tech today said she suspects the baby is a girl. Evidence of absence and all. Truth is, we were hoping for a boy. One of each would be grand. I guess there is still a chance. It is early days still.

We already had a name picked out for him: Toma. The Japanese characters (seen left) transliterate as “winter horse”. Pretty cool name. It was particularly cool for a geek like me a couple of months ago when I started getting into Game of Thrones, the tagline of which is “Winter is coming”.

We do have a list of girl’s names, but have not settled on one yet. If you have any suggestions feel free. The rules are: 1) it must be Russian/Eastern European, 2) it must be able to have decent Japanese characters associated with it.

I am looking forward to round two, even if my wife has been suffering from morning sickness a lot worse than usual. For those curious, take a look at some of my previous posts on parenthood and my thoughts first time around.

Wish us luck.