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2 years of real-world OGO Carshare usage data

OGO carshare data

We don’t own a car and we live in an ostensibly small Canadian city (about 150K) and have two small children (6 and 4). Needless to say, we are pretty heavy users of our local OGO Carshare. We use it pretty much every weekend for outings and shopping, and once or twice a month we will drive to Armstrong (about 150kms roundtrip) to visit my parents, sometimes staying over night. Since we use it so much we pay the monthly $25 member fee which halves the hourly rate. The costs of gas and maintenance are included, and I pay the annual $39 fee for the extra insurance (most people use the car insurance included in their credit card). I don’t know how this compares to other carshare users, but as you can see from the annual totals it is considerably less than the average annual cost of owning a car in 2015, which is $10,465 →. Plus, it is better for the environment. See why OGO helped drive me to downsize?