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b-mobile fail

I have a had a really tough time in Japan so far. Free WiFi in Kyoto is nearly non-existent. The choppy Shijo network is my only oasis, and it is pretty grimy. Being disconnected from the web tough as someone who is a trying to start a web business, does a podcast on the side, and is trying to keep in touch with everyone in general via Twitter and Flickr.

Thus I was excited when my b-mobile SIM card with unlimited tethering capability arrived yesterday. w00t! Unfortunately, it sucks. Only 0.12MBps up and 0.06MBps down. The latency is so bad I can’t even download the slew of excellent 5by5 podcasts I am missing.

Needless to say, I did the 21st century slacktivist thing and complained via tweet. When I looked at b-mobile’s twitter feed it looks like I am not the only one. Seems they are having all sorts of trouble with Docomo. Good news though! They will have it fixed “within the month”(!?). WTF. Even worse, turns out they have a 360MB cap over three days!

Looks like it is off to EMOBILE this afternoon. Is “E” better than “B” because it comes later in the alphabet?