What is the most exciting thing in publishing today?

This weekend I was thinking about the recent history of publishing content: What are the innovations and trends of the past? What is in the near future? Let me give you a few examples of the kinds of things I am thinking about: blogs microblogs vs tumblr vs twitter social interest-based blog networks like MediumContinue reading “What is the most exciting thing in publishing today?”

More people than bots?

In 1975, BusinessWeek magazine imagined the rise of the paperless office as computer use became more widespread. Of course, over the following two decades, consumption of paper doubled. A couple more decades on, we are finally seeing year-on-year decreases in office paper use, at least in North America and Europe. One recent tech fascination isContinue reading “More people than bots?”

What sucks about blogging and how to fix it

Andrew Sullivan’s ending of his 15 years of blogging has sparked discussion about the health of blogging in 2015. I started blogging in 2004, pre-Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. A friend and I created a group blog about foreign and current affairs. It was an auspicious time for blogging and I made many contactsContinue reading “What sucks about blogging and how to fix it”

Foreign Affairs: Cash but no plan

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada announced $9 million dollars in funding in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs at U of T for something called the “Digital Public Square project.” The CBC dubbed the project an experiment in digital diplomacy. The Globe called it “direct diplomacy.” The coverage in the National Post,Continue reading “Foreign Affairs: Cash but no plan”

“The means of information”

Cory Doctorow’s new book Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free is ostensibly a guide for creators on how to approach the Internet, and does so in an extremely informative, yet conversational manner. Furthermore it is concise, making it very accessible. When people ask me why I care so much about copyright and DRM, I willContinue reading ““The means of information””

Reset the Net

https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/qKk8MHFLNNE?rel=0 I added SSL to this site earlier this year. I have committed to adding HSTS and PFS. This stuff should all be default and would be great if hosting providers like Namecheap (my provider)offered this as a package out of the box. We shouldn’t have to pay to protect ourselves online, especially for suchContinue reading “Reset the Net”