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Microblogging everyday Kyoto

After arriving in Kyoto I considered how I should journal daily life here. For the month of May I experimented with the indie Micro.blog service, posting pics, videos, and short updates at everydaykyoto.micro.blog. The service is pretty straightforward, with a simple non-surveillance capitalist business model. The community is really nice too. So I can recommend it for sure.

However, I figured I should be getting more use out of my main real estate on the internet: chadkohalyk.com! So I moved all the posts over here and filed them under the tag #everydaykyoto. You will note that I have updated this blog to take advantage of WordPress’s post formats. This is all part of making the transition to POSSE, which I will discuss in a future post, once I have things fully set up.

I plan to post more actively on this blog, capturing more of the everyday in Japan, so I thought I should re-share my introductory post on Micro.blog below. The experiment will continue, it will be just be here on this site.


Kyoto is the first place I lived in Japan between 1999-2004. My wife is and my second daughter were born here. When we lived in Nagoya we would often ride the 45 minute Shinkansen to spend time in Kyoto with friends and family. Every year we lived in Canada from 2010-2020 we would return for a few weeks during spring, summer, or winter break. And when we moved to Japan in 2020 for our Iki adventure, we used Kyoto as our base of operations.

Kyoto is my “hometown” in Japan. I have watched it change significantly over the past two decades. I think it is one of the most unique and historically interesting cities in the world, and I never tire of exploring it’s alleyways, temples, and shrines.

Now, after nearly twenty years, we have relocated to Kyoto for the foreseeable future. As I mentioned in my April 2022 newsletter, I am not sure how long we will be here this time, but I want to use this microblog to capture everyday interactions while living life here.

This is a new media experiment for me and will evolve as the months progress and we settle into daily life here. I imagine it to be part journal, part travelogue. Through the photos and comments I post I hope you can gain some insight into this city, and appreciate its special qualities as I do.