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  • Minamiza

    Took a walk up the Kamogawa tonight and saw Minamiza, the theatre where all the kabuki greats have been performing for the the past hundred years.

  • On Shijō this afternoon the Naginata-hoko is going up. Look at the rope work and the size of some of the posts! #gion #祇園祭 #kyoto

  • Such a glorious day today in #kyoto 😁 Hope you all had a lovely Tanabata 🎋

  • My neighbourhood has a lot of Buddhist craftspeople. They make altar fittings, carve statues, etc. One warehouse is used for cleaning parts of temples. I pass by every day and there is some new chunk of a temple that has been hauled over to be cleaned and repaired, before it is sent back to be…

  • Microblogging everyday Kyoto

    After arriving in Kyoto I considered how I should journal daily life here. For the month of May I experimented with the indie Micro.blog service, posting pics, videos, and short updates at everydaykyoto.micro.blog. The service is pretty straightforward, with a simple non-surveillance capitalist business model. The community is really nice too. So I can recommend…

  • Walking down Shijō, above the crowd is the sound of practice: they are getting ready for Gion Matsuri at the Naginata-hoko! 🔊

  • Sun setting on Nijo castle

  • Sunday morning. I hear the calling of Buddhist monks on alms round as they walk down the narrow street in front of my house. I give some dana. I had always lived in apartments in Kyoto, so never had this experience before. Anumodana! 🙏📿

  • After 2 years of covid and travel-induced delays, we finally interred my mother-in-law’s ashes at Otani-byo ☸️ cemetery, where the family grave is, in a 納骨 (nōkotsu) ceremony. I don’t have photos of the proceedings, but I can share pics of the meal afterwards 😊🍱🇯🇵

  • Higashi Hongan-ji and Kyoto Tower, day and night