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It is tiny houses all the way down…

People have been asking me about my downsizing, amazed that we would get rid of all our books, clothes and empty our living room of all the furniture. Their eyes get even bigger when I say we are looking to go from the 1000sq ft. home we are in now to something around 700. But that is nothing! It is still HUGE by comparison. Check out some of these inspiring people:

Gary Chang uses moving walls to turn his 344 sq ft. one room apartment into 24 rooms:

Alysha St.Germain moved into a tiny house (8 ft by 22ft) with her two kids

IKEA has been working on designing for small spaces. Check out this multi-function living room redesign:

From this you can see why my “small” house (by North American standards), with its two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room, has hundreds of unnecessary square footage.

We moved back and forth between Canada and Japan half a dozen times in the past decade. We thought we were pretty lean in the “stuff” department already… alas! A dozen trips to goodwill last year proved me wrong. We have been downsizing our stuff in preparation for downsizing our space. We are still in the early stages of this journey.