Influence of the iPhone on smartphone design

I love this bit from Gruber:

During Jobs’s iPhone introduction keynote address in January 2007, before showing what the iPhone looked like, Jobs put up this slide showing four of the then-leading smartphones on the market: the Motorola Q, a BlackBerry, a Palm Treo, and the Nokia E62.

Those pre-iPhone smartphones Jobs displayed all shared the same fundamental design: half-screen, half keyboard, and an up/down/left/right navigation controller. Now look at this prototype Android phone Gizmodo spotted in December 2007 — 11 months after the iPhone introduction. Android was conceived of that same old model — the prototype Gizmodo found in December 2007 would have fit perfectly alongside the other four phones in Jobs’s keynote slide.

The gaping chasm between that Treo-ish/BlackBerry-ish prototype Android device and the HTC G1 that went on sale a year later (let alone the Nexus One today) was bridged by ideas from the iPhone.

The iPhone introduced a new model. A true great leap forward in the state of the art.

The man must have a memory sharp as a razor to recall those slides.

I imagine his office to be filled to the ceiling with bankers boxes full of quotes and financial reports, corkboards of “claim chowder”, and walls covered in relational diagrams, all ringed around a massive, loud typewriter.

(I know he uses a MacBook Pro and Yojimbo to organize everything. I just like the journo-hack of yore persona…)

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