Yesterday after work I got a frantic SMS. “Got fix to Vanier Cup! Wanna go?” Sure! I thought. I haven’t been to a game of hand-egg since the mid-nineties. What a dramatic game! The underdog McMaster Marauders — who have not been in the running for the Vanier Cup in 40 years — were takingContinue reading

We spent Mother’s Day in Steveston visiting the shops, park, Buddhist temple and old Britannia Shipyard, taking a tour through the Japanese heritage of the little community. Have a look at some of the photos.

Click on the photo to see a set of black and white photos taken while walking around Nagoya this weekend. Buildings that are bombed-out, squeezed, poking the sky and flying humanity to a space-based utopia. Who says there is nothing to see in Nagoya?