Yesterday after work I got a frantic SMS. “Got fix to Vanier Cup! Wanna go?” Sure! I thought. I haven’t been to a game of hand-egg since the mid-nineties.

What a dramatic game! The underdog McMaster Marauders — who have not been in the running for the Vanier Cup in 40 years — were taking on the Laval Rouge et Or who were looking for their seventh championship. McMaster owned the first half, going up 23 points. Laval turned on the heat in the second, overtaking McMaster, who were able to tie it up with just a few minutes left. Unfortunately, they missed a field goal in the final 3 seconds, taking the game to overtime.

In overtime each team got a chance at a play from the 35 yard line. McMaster made a touchdown and converted the point. Then Laval had their chance and equalized. Laval was up again and were sacked and the ball was overturned. McMaster had another chance for a field goal to put the game to bed and made it! The crowd went wild and the McMaster players poured onto the pitch. Amazing scenes.

There was some excellent football on display. Great passing, long runs, and the MM quarterback jumping over a guy at full-tilt, avoiding a sacking. It was a loooooong game (nearly 4 hours to play four 18 minute quarters!) but it was well worth it.

See all my photos of the event.

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