Monkey Rock, a pillar of heaven

On the eastern side of Iki, jutting 45 meters out of the ocean is a giant rock formation, somewhat covered in moss-like greenery. From a certain angle the rocks look uncannily like a massive gorilla, solemnly looking out over a nearby cliff. This is the treasure of Ikijima: Saruiwa 猿岩 or “Monkey Rock.” The Kojiki,Continue reading “Monkey Rock, a pillar of heaven”

Shinran and the Buddhist Evangelical movement of Japan

A fifth of Japanese — about 25 million people — identify as practitioners of Jōdo Shinshū, the largest denomination of Buddhism in Japan. My family in Japan are all Jōdo Shinshū, also known as “Shin” Buddhism. I am currently here in Japan, and this weekend we will be performing the 13th memorial service for myContinue reading “Shinran and the Buddhist Evangelical movement of Japan”

Random pages of Coupland

Previously I praised Douglas Coupland’s typography, and explained that: Often when reading Coupland’s books, I use my smartphone camera to capture the unique layouts I have collected a number of those photos and gathered them together with some commentary in the galleries below. Have a click through, and enjoy some pithy quotes, equally insightful andContinue reading “Random pages of Coupland”

The Japanese Friendship Gate in Salmon Arm

The Japanese Friendship Gate (友情の門) in Salmon Arm. On our cruise around the Shuswap region today we spotted this Japanese-style gate from the road and had to take some pictures. It is located in MacGuire Park in Salmon Arm, BC and was built in 1997, the year I went to Japan. Here are a fewContinue reading “The Japanese Friendship Gate in Salmon Arm”