Substandard web-browsing experience on the iPad and iPhone

An astounding number of websites on the Japanese web fail to declare charset, resulting in garbled text (文字化け), requiring the user to manually switch encoding. Safari on the Mac or PC allows you to switch via the View menu. Unfortunately there is no such menu for Mobile Safari. The iPad is billed as an amazingContinue reading “Substandard web-browsing experience on the iPad and iPhone”

PSA: If you are living in Japan, you might want to wait for the iPad

The iPad has been released in America. Many of you in Japan might not be able to wait until it is released here and use your extensive network of shady international connections to somehow import the device. I am jealous of your reach, but I come with a word of warning: one of the mostContinue reading “PSA: If you are living in Japan, you might want to wait for the iPad”

Win v. Mac in Japan

About 3% use Macs exclusively, and 13% of the sample use both. Pretty amazing. The last question, however, makes no sense. Are they saying in the Win vs Mac argument one is “functional” and one is “design”? That is a false dichotomy. Via Win v. Mac in Japan

SLIDE: The three mistaken assumptions of foreign cellphone operators in Japan: “QWERTY” is the most comfortable input for every human being People want their PC experience on a mobile Two handed multitouch is always easier than single handed From @akky Akimoto’s presentation on Japan’s tech scene to the Taiwanese tech community. The presentation has aContinue reading