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Around Iki by video

Last weekend was the first time I left Ikijima for four months. But it isn’t like we have been spending the whole time huddled in our house against the snowpocalypse. The weather was really crappy, and we did have a couple of weeks where coronavirus flared up on the island for the first time since April (56 cases in total during Dec and Jan, everyone got better), but I still got out and made some videos that I would like to share with you now.

Most of these videos are 4K and/or 60fps, so you might want to watch them on fullscreen to get the full effect.

Ikijima is famous for being a shrine island. One count says there is over 1200 shrines here! We happened upon this cool shrine which I think is called “Kotobirajinja.” It was a very clear, crisp November day (only 15 degrees! Chilly!) but it afforded a nice clear view, so I took a quick vid with my iPhone to share. (I have no idea why I kept calling the torii ⛩️ a “jinja.” Probably nervous I was going to fall down those stairs!)

On a VERY windy day my friend Alexander & I went out on the water to see some of the cool islands and the like off the north coast​. The waves were so rough that the pilot didn’t take us out into the open sea like they usually do, and we just skirted around the rocks (which is TOTALLY much safer apparently 🙈). The weather was really nice for an October afternoon!

A short, completely unedited, walk around the cliffside park at Sakyōbana, one of the Pillars of Heaven. It was really windy so make sure your volume is under control! Featured in this video:

👹 Demon kites
🌊 Cliffs and crashing waves
⛩ Sakyōbana Shrine
🌬️ WIND!!!

Learn more about “demon kites” here →. Learn more about the “Pillar of Heaven” here →

An 8 minute slow video of the sunrise, a little gift to my Twitter followers. Don’t mind me, I am just taking some snaps down by the water. See?

This was a short video for social media. Some clips from a morning drive along the coast during sunrise.

In February the weather started to turn nice, so I got out the drone for a trip to the beach with the kids.

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