Bye bye physical library!

Bye bye library!

I don’t read physical books anymore. I don’t like it (see How I read). But I still have a ton of physical books. So I am getting rid of them. I have scanned them into Goodreads and made a few lists. Have a browse, and if you want one, email me, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter. Any books I have left are going to my local libraries as a donation.

History and politics (63 books)

Lots of hardcovers, text books, atlases and books on other countries and cultures.

Travel (8 books)

Guidebooks, phrasebooks and photography.

Design creativity and programming (16 books)

Basically, what is on the tin.

Grab-bag (18 books)

Fiction, business, comics, parenting and a bunch of other weird stuff.

Also, I have a handful of Japanese language books on the military, and a shoebox full of Japanese manga if anyone is interested.

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One thought on “Bye bye physical library!

  1. Ah, this makes me so sad! I love books, reading and writing both electronically and with book or pen in hand!


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