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Chad on Chappers’ Premier League Podcasts E39 – 4th May 2010

My question made the end of this week’s Chapper’s Premier League Podcast (iTunes link). I was surprised to hear it broadcast!

For the record, this is the full email I sent in:


Will you be narrating the audiobook version of “Heroes, Hairbands and
Hissy Fits” (assuming there will be one)?

With anticipation,

(A Canadian Spurs supporter living in Japan)

PS. Roy, with Pompey being docked points, will this season have the
widest point spread from the top of the table to the bottom in Premier
League history?

My thoughts are that in future pub quizzes many will (mistakenly) think that this year, being the first when a side was docked 9 points for going into administration, will have the widest point spread. I, too, suspect differently, and look forward to Roy’s answer next week.