Today was an amazing day. Vancouver Whitecaps FC had their inaugural match as a newly promoted side to Major League Soccer. Furthermore, they faced their Canadian rivals Toronto FC… and DESTROYED them 4 – 2 in a high energy and physical game. The sun was out and Empire Stadium rang with the cheers (and stomps!)Continue reading

I would love Stojkovic to be my successor, there are a hundred reasons for that. Our ideas are the same and we both strive for perfect football. I knew he was going to have teams playing attacking football with many passes. He has done that, showing he will be a great coach.I told him thatContinue reading

World Cup wallpapers for your iPhone

cameronmoll: A lovely set by Phil Coffman. Related, let’s just all agree here and now that Switzerland has the best home jersey of any team. Ivory Coast’s away jersey is a close second. FYI I think Japan’s home Techfit shirt, with its tasuki highlights is very cool. World Cup wallpapers for your iPhone