ALL of my nearly 5 years of real-world OGO carshare usage data

Periodically I have openly shared my costs of carsharing with our local OGO Car Share Co-op. This will be the last time, since OGO has joined regional carshare co-op powerhouse Modo. Although I love my OGO, I am really happy that this is happening. Congrats to the whole OGO team here in Okanagan, and I am enjoying the same great service under the Modo brand now. Though, I am a little sad that my driver id number goes from “9” to “19-thousand-something-or-other.”

Carshare has been excellent for our car-less family, and as you can see from the data above, extremely economical. We have been trending up as my kids get older and ferrying them to activities has increased,† but we are still about a third of the average annual cost of ownership for a vehicle in Canada. You should consider it as an option, especially if you don’t quite need that second car.

† With regards to the kids activities: it boggles my mind that many of our local community centers do not have door-step public transit service. Every community center should have a bus loop with covered bus stops, no?

3 years of real-world OGO carshare usage data


It is end of year data time! Here is our 2016 data for OGO Carshare. The average we spend on our vehicle is about $3000 per year, well below the average Canadian who spends $10,456. Keep in mind that this year also included a round-trip to Vancouver (to take my family to the airport) and our trip to the Sunshine Coast when we used a partner carshare to explore the communities there.

New camera: Canon G7X

New Canon G7X

Before going to Japan in March, I sold my Canon 60D and all my lenses. My intention was to buy a Sony RX100iii or a Canon G7X. I agonized over the differences. I like the Sony’s eye piece and fully flexible screen, but I don’t like their video formats. Also, that screen looks pretty delicate. The Canon’s touch screen was appealing, as was its video pull-focus feature. While at Yodobashi Camera at Umeda in Osaka, I did a side-by-side. In the end, I was able to negotiate the Canon down to just under $400, including a free neckstrap, screen protector and SD card. That is less than half the Sony!

After using it for a couple of weeks, I couldn’t be happier. It is an excellent little machine, super small and with 3 function rings I feel like I have as much control as my 60D. I am glad I bought it and I would recommend it if you are looking for a powerful yet pocketable camera. You can see a selection of G7X pics from my recent Japan trip here.

I plan on using the leftover money from my 60D towards a new laptop.

2 years of real-world OGO Carshare usage data

OGO carshare data

We don’t own a car and we live in an ostensibly small Canadian city (about 150K) and have two small children (6 and 4). Needless to say, we are pretty heavy users of our local OGO Carshare. We use it pretty much every weekend for outings and shopping, and once or twice a month we will drive to Armstrong (about 150kms roundtrip) to visit my parents, sometimes staying over night. Since we use it so much we pay the monthly $25 member fee which halves the hourly rate. The costs of gas and maintenance are included, and I pay the annual $39 fee for the extra insurance (most people use the car insurance included in their credit card). I don’t know how this compares to other carshare users, but as you can see from the annual totals it is considerably less than the average annual cost of owning a car in 2015, which is $10,465 →. Plus, it is better for the environment. See why OGO helped drive me to downsize?

5 years with Apple

This plaque arrived. Pretty nice gesture. Love Tim, but a little gutted I only missed getting Steve’s signature by a few months. Regardless, I will treasure this.