Listening in — a short review of “Between the World and Me”

When I think of my long struggle to “try and be a writer”, my confidence is shattered upon reading such a poetic, insightful, heartfelt piece as this. This is writing — the naked intimacy of it. Even if I cannot fully grasp the primordial fear documented in this book, Coates’s excellent writing gives me aContinue reading “Listening in — a short review of “Between the World and Me””

You don’t tell me when I should speak English — multicultural parenting and language rights

Last month, this story from Wales: The most perfect thing I have ever seen just happened on the replacement train bus service between Newport and Cwmbran: White man sat in front of a mother and her son. Mother was wearing a niqab. After about 5 minutes of the mother talking to her son in anotherContinue reading “You don’t tell me when I should speak English — multicultural parenting and language rights”

“Area CIS white Man applauds diversity”

I got cornered at the park during lunch today to offer a “Random Area Man” soundbite about our mayor’s attendance at the Sugarplum Ball, a cool little event put on by my pals at the Okanagan Young Professionals. Watch the whole segment: This is a complete non-controversy. I reverse-interviewed the journalist who said she hadContinue reading ““Area CIS white Man applauds diversity””

Working through Ramadan: the inverse edition

For Muslims working in non-Muslim work environments, observing Ramadan is an epic feat of self-discipline. Working through Ramadan is an excellent piece on the Slack blog that I recommend for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For Muslims, there are some tips on toughing it out with a 9 to 5 schedule, how to prioritize your focusContinue reading “Working through Ramadan: the inverse edition”

Are we a “hapa” family?

Family portrait by MAUD. In One Big Hapa Family Jeff Chiba Stearns investigates why there is such a high rate of interracial marriage (95%+) amongst Canadians of Japanese ethnic heritage (otherwise known as Nikkei). Through interviews with his family and other Nikkei in British Columbia, Chiba Stearns explores the historical experience of the Nikkei inContinue reading “Are we a “hapa” family?”