The untapped talent well in Kelowna

In a constrained startup environment pushing for change it is important to identify and connect the “capable” members of a community. What I mean by “capable” is a bit nuanced, but effectively they are the “DO-ers” of society. If given the proper opportunity, these people could do great things, whether that means community engagement, creatingContinue reading “The untapped talent well in Kelowna”

Startup Genome Are you on this map? A strong startup network will have a high density of links between a variety of different nodes. Through our startup events we can reach out to all our audiences and try to connect up all the nodes we can. But, not every node will be attracted to the eventsContinue reading “Startup Genome”

Startup Kelowna: Events

There are a number of technology events that have a pretty decent following in Kelowna. The Okanagan Tech Sector Community Events Meetup group has 133 members. Digital Okanagan and OKDG each have almost 900 followers on Twitter. Startup Weekend Okanagan was by all accounts a great success. Last week, after our discussion of Startup CommunitiesContinue reading “Startup Kelowna: Events”

Startup Kelowna: Audiences

Having an inclusive startup community not only means being accepting of new members or changes in the the network, it means pro-actively creating a variety of opportunities to allow new members to connect to the network in a manner most comfortable to them. When planning events we should obviously consider the entire entrepreneurial stack (firstContinue reading “Startup Kelowna: Audiences”

LeanCoffeeKL 60: Startup Communities

This morning’s #LeanCoffeeKL discussion about Brad Feld’s book Startup Communities (my review here) had a great turnout. We had 20 people representing the local startup and tech communities come out at 8am to discuss this book. Pretty amazing considering only two of us had read it. It was particularly encouraging to have the CEO ofContinue reading “LeanCoffeeKL 60: Startup Communities”