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Are you on this map?

A strong startup network will have a high density of links between a variety of different nodes. Through our startup events we can reach out to all our audiences and try to connect up all the nodes we can. But, not every node will be attracted to the events we have on offer now. I have said it over and over, but we need lots of different ways for people to interact with the network. We need alternative ways for startups in our community to raise their hand, to plant their flag. One of the key steps we can do to learn more about the depth of our community is ensure the visibility of all the startups in our region. Thus, I have started curating Kelowna on startupgenome.com.

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Startup Genome’s mission “is to build the most complete and accurate database of the world’s startup communities.” (cf. this blog post). They have been only going for a few months and have already mapped over 80,000 startups.

When I looked up Kelowna a few weeks ago, there was only one established startup, one acquired startup, a home theatre installation business, and a couple of webdesign agencies. Working with the people at Accelerate Okanagan and adding a few by hand, we now have 30 entries. And we’re just getting started.

I encourage all local startups to take a couple of minutes and plant your flag on the map. Whether you are a one-person shop in the basement, or have already completed a Series A, if you have a product, you should be on this list. Other community members are welcome too. You will notice the map filters account for investors, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, universities, events, and a whole bunch more.

I hope to see your startup on the map soon.


Just a note about numbers: there is a lot of talent in the Okanagan valley but this map represents only the narrow subgroup of startups. It does not include the wider tech community’s subgroups like creatives, animators or service providers like lawyers, accountants and marketers. In fact, at a recent OKDG someone suggested mapping out all the creative talent in the valley. That would be an excellent venture. If we can get a few maps, or a map with some different layers, they should all be linked up.


2012-10-30 07:53 AM

Looks like Startup Genome has added a new category: Service Providers.