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  • After 2 years of covid and travel-induced delays, we finally interred my mother-in-law’s ashes at Otani-byo ☸️ cemetery, where the family grave is, in a 納骨 (nōkotsu) ceremony. I don’t have photos of the proceedings, but I can share pics of the meal afterwards 😊🍱🇯🇵

  • 44 years old today. Took the kids to see the terracotta warrior exhibition at the Kyoto City Kyocera Art Museum

  • Ruminating on belonging in a Kyoto coffeeshop

    Ruminating on belonging in a Kyoto coffeeshop

    The past two weeks in Kyoto have been pretty hectic. I have yet to meet anyone other than family, for obvious reasons. With the kids not in school, we have been going on walks around the neighbourhood so I can get them off of YouTube and TikTok. Other than those short explorations we have been…

  • Look what arrived today! 📚  Kyoto: An Urban History of Japan’s Premodern Capital by @matthew_stavros Been on my list for a while, so as soon as I found out we were relocating back to Kyoto I ordered it so I can read and visit some of the locations IRL. 🙌 

  • Higashi Hongan-ji and Kyoto Tower, day and night

  • Nice hidden coffee joint ☕️🇯🇵

  • Kyoto alley cat

  • The 手水舎 at Bukkō-ji is still running dry due to Covid precautions (Photo by my 10yo)

  • On a rainy Sunday morning I got up early to take the cardboard out for the monthly pickup. Half the 町内会 (neighborhood association) were there! (I had met some of them when we went round the neighbourhood day before yesterday to make our greetings.)

  • Arrived in Kyoto on a very wet day