Writing macrons on macOS and iPadOS

This is a quick tutorial on how to easily type macrons on Apple devices with a hardware keyboard. The onscreen keyboard on the iPad makes this easy, but not when you are using an external hardware keyboard. This will be particularly relevant to academics needing to write Japanese terms in rōmaji. I searched the webContinue reading “Writing macrons on macOS and iPadOS”

…it’s whats inside that counts. SIDENOTE: For those of you that didn’t know, I moved to Canada 5 days ago, which means I need a new phone. After a few weeks considering an Android device, the combination of the iPhone 4’s screen and camera (with its video capabilities) won me over. Hardware > software thisContinue reading

mrgan: Developer Stories is a series of videos introduced alongside (and somewhat overshadowed by) iPhone 4. It’s wonderfully put-together little peek into the labs and minds of people who, though they may have their grievances against the App Store, ultimately love what it makes possible.  Sure would be great if Apple still made videos likeContinue reading