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The Unbucket list

Sometimes you do momentous things, things that every man should do. But sometimes, you do things that you never thought you would do in your entire life. These are collectively known as your “Unbucket List.”

Last weekend we built a deck. I have photographic evidence.

We are computer programmers. Our delicate fingers and slim wrists were not meant for this work. Furthermore, programmer’s math is somewhat different than carpenter’s math. Somewhat more… exact. Anyways, it was a million degrees out and we spent a whole day tearing down the old rotten deck (and hauling all 850kgs to the dump) and then the whole next day building the new one. The result is pretty amazing, but I am sure glad I don’t do this for a living. Give me my air-conditioned office, aeropressed coffee and Embody chair any day.

Still, though, it was nice to cross that one off the Unbucket List.

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