Name my space blog

I have spent the last week diving into material on space exploration (see this previous post as to why). There is a ton of stuff out there and I would like to start posting thoughts and resources. I think there would be too much for this personal blog, so I have decided the best thing to do is setup another blog.

But I need help. It is the most difficult part in starting anything: a name.

I have come up with a few rough ideas. Please vote in the following poll for which ones you think expresses my desire to find a way to disrupt space exploration and science funding through a more startup-style, lean, etc. method.

I am looking for something that isn’t vague, maybe a call to action. Something that if I tell a random person they will have some idea of what my mission is. Don’t worry , and are all taken so the cheese factor is already out.

In the poll there is a space for your suggestions too. Thanks!


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