2020NYinJapan Part 4: Iki

That narrow corridor of water between Japan and continental Asia, the confluence of three seas — East China, Yellow, and the Sea of Japan — is called the Korea Strait. It is about 200km wide, and is bisected by the long and narrow Tsushima Island. From Tsushima, on a clear day, it is said oneContinue reading “2020NYinJapan Part 4: Iki”

2020 New Years in Japan recap

This year I celebrated New Year’s in Tokyo for the first time. We landed at Haneda on New Year’s Eve, stayed in the airport hotel, and over the next 10 days crossed about 2200km of the country. As I summed up on Twitter: 🏟️ 1 Olympic stadium 🚤 1 Hydrofoil ⛴️ 1 Ferry 🎂 2Continue reading “2020 New Years in Japan recap”