Tech and social control — an OKDG After Action

@sundaysociology and @chadkoh deep in discussion. Photo by @scdaustin How does technology influence the social and political lives of humans? That was the central topic of discussion during the second half of last night’s OKDG event. I sat down with UBCO Professor of Sociology Christopher Schneider to talk about technology and social control. My purposeContinue reading “Tech and social control — an OKDG After Action”

Embracing the Z-axis — OKDG after action report

“Technology changes society” is a truism but it is always worth asking “how?” At last night’s talk to the Okanagan Developer Group I used my trip to MakerHaus last February as a jumping off point to explore this question in light of recent advancements in the Maker Movement. Photos c/o @jvdwdesigns and @gunsinger. Yes, thatContinue reading “Embracing the Z-axis — OKDG after action report”

Negative 3D — A technical review of The Hobbit

I finally saw The Hobbit in 3D HFR. The experience overall was a good one. Watching the regular 24fps previews and then the actual film was like night and day. You could tell right when the Newline Cinema logo floated onto the screen that this would be different. I would recommend reading Kevin Kelly’s explanationContinue reading “Negative 3D — A technical review of The Hobbit”

Profile of a hustler:

David Silverman is the blogger behind, popularized recently for his simple 5 Question Interviews of technorati. Looking at the list you might recognize some people that I mention from time to time: Horace Dediu, Craig Mod, Ethan Marcotte and Dan Adams for example. David has been publishing these short interviews about one a dayContinue reading “Profile of a hustler:”

Big Idea: Financing Space Exploration

I was up late last night and began to consider the problem of funding for scientific research. After learning about disruption theory last year I often look around and think about possibilities of disruption. Big science is ripe for it. Because of my lifelong love of the mysteries of the cosmos I am particularly interestedContinue reading “Big Idea: Financing Space Exploration”