On stage at OnPoint: An argument from culture

Me providing (unpaid) plug of OGO Carshare on stage. Photo credit: Deon Nel Photography Urban Systems rounded out their series of workshops on housing, the economy, and climate with their fourth and final workshop on Transportation. The evening focused on thinking about how transportation could enable vibrancy in the community. I shared the panel withContinue reading “On stage at OnPoint: An argument from culture”

Citizen Energy

On Sunday (18 Sep) we had a special guest give a talk about how citizens installed solar panels on public institutions in Ikoma City, Japan. Kusunoki Tadashi is a boardmember of Citizen Energy Ikoma (市民エネルギー生駒), a citizens group who took the fight against climate change into their own hands by leveraging public space to produceContinue reading “Citizen Energy”

OKDG Discussion — Developers and designers as ethical gatekeepers

Photo c/o Shane Austin These are the resources for the discussion at OKDG tonight: codingfreedom.com by Gabriella Coleman IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black Adversarial Design by Carl DiSalvo The Real Privacy Problem by Evgeny Morozov How Designers Destroyed the World (video) by Mike Montiero The Battle for Power on the Internet (video) byContinue reading “OKDG Discussion — Developers and designers as ethical gatekeepers”

Embracing the Z-axis — OKDG after action report

“Technology changes society” is a truism but it is always worth asking “how?” At last night’s talk to the Okanagan Developer Group I used my trip to MakerHaus last February as a jumping off point to explore this question in light of recent advancements in the Maker Movement. Photos c/o @jvdwdesigns and @gunsinger. Yes, thatContinue reading “Embracing the Z-axis — OKDG after action report”