Why I moved here

Friends at startupvernon.com have been canvassing for stories about what made people move to the Okanagan. I would like to add mine using their questions (slightly adjusted). NOTE: On November 30 our friends in Vernon will be hosting this years #megageekbeers which brings together community members from Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Kamloops and surrounding areas. IContinue reading “Why I moved here”


Today I am 39. “3” in Japanese is san. “9” in Japanese is kyuu. San-kyuu is how Japanese pronounce “Thank you.” Thus, I am making my 39th year my Thank You Year. I intend to me more mindful of how I got to where I am, and thankful to the people, organizations, and organisms withoutContinue reading “39”

Event: OnPoint – Do we need a new relationship with transportation and mobility in our region?

What are the possibilities for city beyond transportation? How do we think about transportation in terms of making a city more vibrant, rather than a deadening concrete grid where we travel isolated in our cars? On December 8th I will be on the panel for the Urban Systems On Point Series “Getting Unstuck – DoContinue reading “Event: OnPoint – Do we need a new relationship with transportation and mobility in our region?”

“Area CIS white Man applauds diversity”

I got cornered at the park during lunch today to offer a “Random Area Man” soundbite about our mayor’s attendance at the Sugarplum Ball, a cool little event put on by my pals at the Okanagan Young Professionals. Watch the whole segment: This is a complete non-controversy. I reverse-interviewed the journalist who said she hadContinue reading ““Area CIS white Man applauds diversity””