Apple tops PC, DMP and mobile phone customer satisfaction in Japan

Results from a survey which ran from January to December 2008. The only category where Apple had a product offering but didn’t top the list was Computer Monitors. On a sidenote, the DSLR that I have been lusting after (Nikon D90) topped the digital camera class. via nobi Apple tops PC, DMP and mobile phoneContinue reading “Apple tops PC, DMP and mobile phone customer satisfaction in Japan”

Japanese computer maker brand image: then and now

What Japan Thinks posts a survey from MyVoice investigating computer maker brand image. The survey was conducted last month. I went through their older surveys and found an earlier one with similar content done in 2002. I pulled out all the Apple relevant bits for your enjoyment. You can see the original findings in theirContinue reading “Japanese computer maker brand image: then and now”

Click on the photo to see a set of black and white photos taken while walking around Nagoya this weekend. Buildings that are bombed-out, squeezed, poking the sky and flying humanity to a space-based utopia. Who says there is nothing to see in Nagoya?

Tokyo Subway Map from Tokyo Art Beat A stunning version of the famous rail line. $20 from TAB. A grid overlay allows it to function as a wall calendar. This is amazing. (They’re in Japan, but I’ve bought stuff from them in the past and the process is simple and reliable.) Via VLU.

Why are there so many Christian signs in regional Japan?

Adamu posts an informing answer at Mutant Frog Travelogue. Being in “provincial Japan” I see my fair share of Christian missionary nutters. It gave me a chuckle when I read that the head of the organization responsible for the posters, soundtracks and free Bibles funded his operation with cash from his IT company. This remindedContinue reading “Why are there so many Christian signs in regional Japan?”


An NPO supporting Macintosh software developers in Japan. Other than ADC this seems to be the only place Japanese devs can get support. MOSA