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  • To witness excellence

    This past weekend Skate Canada International was held in my small city of Kelowna, BC. It brings together some of the top figure skaters in the world. I am not really a figure skating fan, but thought this would be a great opportunity to see some amazing athletes at the top of their game (and…

  • Profile of a hustler: Instantbight.com

    David Silverman is the blogger behind instantbight.com, popularized recently for his simple 5 Question Interviews of technorati. Looking at the list you might recognize some people that I mention from time to time: Horace Dediu, Craig Mod, Ethan Marcotte and Dan Adams for example. David has been publishing these short interviews about one a day…

  • There’s birth there’s maturity there’s independence there’s success there’s empire and then after that there’s decline and then there’s death. You want to jump off that bus at the point of empire. Andy Ihnatko on IA23