What is the most exciting thing in publishing today?

This weekend I was thinking about the recent history of publishing content: What are the innovations and trends of the past? What is in the near future? Let me give you a few examples of the kinds of things I am thinking about: blogs microblogs vs tumblr vs twitter social interest-based blog networks like MediumContinue reading “What is the most exciting thing in publishing today?”

A better process for reading, writing, and thinking: zettelkasten

I read a lot. Maybe too much… I am not a particularly fast reader, and I only do about 48 books a year (about 70% of those books in audio). So why do I say that I read “too much”? It is because I can barely remember anything I have read in the past. ToContinue reading “A better process for reading, writing, and thinking: zettelkasten”

Advocating for the teaching of knowledge to kids

Having been in the Canadian education system for a few years now, I am very impressed with the high-minded ideals of the early education system here. Things like teaching critical thinking, creativitiy, breaking down a problem, LID, etc are challenging and interesting, and meant to get a jump on the future. However it is prettyContinue reading “Advocating for the teaching of knowledge to kids”

The Interest Stack and Attention Debt

Levels of analysis is a way of studying a political problem from (generally) three different perspectives: individual, state, and the international system. Using this framework I started examining my interests — all of the things I keep tabs on and projects I am involved in outside of my day job. There are a lot, andContinue reading “The Interest Stack and Attention Debt”