“The means of information”

Cory Doctorow’s new book Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free is ostensibly a guide for creators on how to approach the Internet, and does so in an extremely informative, yet conversational manner. Furthermore it is concise, making it very accessible. When people ask me why I care so much about copyright and DRM, I willContinue reading ““The means of information””

Local startups! Protect our shared resource!

The internet is like the sea, a vast and shared resource that we all depend on. Unfortunately we do not have anything like UNCLOS to help protect that resource from the countries and companies that threaten it. So much of the innovation and content on the internet is the result of individual users like us.Continue reading “Local startups! Protect our shared resource!”

WE are THEY Just watched the Lessig “wireside chat” on changing copyright, remix culture and fair use. Yes, THAT presentation: the one that was dubiously silenced by Warner Music Group but has since had its audio returned. Another entertaining and inspirational presentation from the master. I support his clarion call for people to fight backContinue reading