What your telecom provider knows about you

Last April The Star reported that in 2011 alone, the Canadian government asked telecoms and social media companies to turn over user data on Canadians 1.2 million times. An interesting sidenote: the telecoms are charging the government for the privilege. Jesse Brown covered this in a number of Canadaland podcasts including an excellent one withContinue reading “What your telecom provider knows about you”

The Japanese Friendship Gate in Salmon Arm

The Japanese Friendship Gate (友情の門) in Salmon Arm. On our cruise around the Shuswap region today we spotted this Japanese-style gate from the road and had to take some pictures. It is located in MacGuire Park in Salmon Arm, BC and was built in 1997, the year I went to Japan. Here are a fewContinue reading “The Japanese Friendship Gate in Salmon Arm”