The best of 2015

This year was one of community, organizing and living better. After breaking down my current interests in a recent post, a pattern of community organizing and social activity is apparent. 2015 was a year of solidifying my thinking on social issues, especially those beyond tech, which has consumed me for the past few years. BesidesContinue reading “The best of 2015”

Random pages of Coupland

Previously I praised Douglas Coupland’s typography, and explained that: Often when reading Coupland’s books, I use my smartphone camera to capture the unique layouts I have collected a number of those photos and gathered them together with some commentary in the galleries below. Have a click through, and enjoy some pithy quotes, equally insightful andContinue reading “Random pages of Coupland”

A slim crisis — a review of Disruptive Power

Disruptive Power: The Crisis of the State in the Digital Age by Taylor Owen From the book: Coupled with the power that is derived by the state’s increasing sophistication in this space — whether through automation, biometrics, or the new forms of social control and the violence they enable — there is reason to questionContinue reading “A slim crisis — a review of Disruptive Power”

What is data doing to our species? — A review of Kitten Clone

My review in the Literary Review of Canada is finally released. It is behind a paywall now, but will open up in about a month or so. Or you could pick it up at your local magazine purveyor and support Canadian publishing! The piece is mostly about “industrial innovation” and the wonderful (and forgotten?) legacyContinue reading “What is data doing to our species? — A review of Kitten Clone”