June, I can just see it: Apple launches 2 new OS’s, a new phone, and Steve returns. Headlines: ‘NO TABLET. WORST KEYNOTE EVER.’ Neven Mrgan (via 43folders)

I am amazed at the size of this screen. Take a look at the iMac website and compare the above full-screen window with your own to get a sense of the real estate. Look at the breadth of the width and height of the window. 1920 by 1200 pixels. I can’t wait to watch anContinue reading

HAL-9005, the newest member of my Mac family: 24” monitor with 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD. I didn’t go for the new mini keyboard but stuck with a traditional numberpad. Since I am getting interested in video, the videocard was particularly attractive to me. This is my first desktop since 2003, when IContinue reading

“iPhone failure invented in the media”

Nobi Hayashi, the main source of Brian X Chen’s disappointing article about Japanese hatred for the iPhone, has come forward in a lengthy denial where he claims his comments were taken out of context. The article provides an interesting look into the mobile culture of Japan. Hayashi makes a great point about the iPhone’s performanceContinue reading ““iPhone failure invented in the media””