My life is ruled by four themes: 1) international politics, 2) Japan, 3) technology and 4) design. My need for expression of the first theme (and the second in some instances) is met by other forae. For the past few months I have been using Twitter as a forum for the other themes. It has been an enjoyable experience so far. In my busy life 140 characters is the perfect limit for my daily thoughts on life in Japan, technology and design.

However, periodically one has more to say. Using a tweet series is cumbersome and abusive of the Twitter paradigm. I needed somewhere else to post lengthier thoughts and ideas. Yet I didn’t want a full-fledged blog and the posting responsibilities that go with it. Thus, this tumblr is born out of — and completely dependent upon — my Twitter presence.

My expectations for this Tumblr are for it to be erratically updated with an eclectic collection of posts that are sometimes challenging yet always stimulating. People who know me personally and respect my opinion on things tech and design, or enjoy my slanted take on life in Japan, are the most probable potential followers. Yet I hope those that I converse daily with on “teh Twitter” will also stop by, and enjoy sandbaggerone on a level deeper than a 140 characters.

“iPhone failure invented in the media”

Nobi Hayashi, the main source of Brian X Chen’s disappointing article about Japanese hatred for the iPhone, has come forward in a lengthy denial where he claims his comments were taken out of context. The article provides an interesting look into the mobile culture of Japan. Hayashi makes a great point about the iPhone’s performance here:

… the total unit shipment of all operators combined went down for 18.7% … to 42 million units which makes iPhone almost has the 1% share; In January 2007, Steve Jobs said he will have 1% share of the worldwide market. Well, in Japan, too. They got that number of share in this very competitive market.

The article continues with other examples of media mistreatment of the iPhone and is worth the read. Japanese “hate” for iPhone all a big mistake

h/t to @ourmanintokyo

Why the Japanese hate the iPhone

From Wired: Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

This article assumes that SoftBank’s iPhone For Everybody indicates that the Japanese hate the iPhone. Disappointingly, there isn’t a scrap of market data in the entire article. Considering how many iPhones one sees in the subway, I doubt there to be a universal hatred for the iPhone in the Japanese street. Surely there could be another reason for the promotion that a writer could speculate about (eg. a new model to be released?) rather than propagating a cultural stereotype.

Furthermore, Chen asks if Apple will say sayonara to the Japanese market. Apple still sells the tv here, if that’s any indication.