Big Day

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It has been a long 40 hour day.

Today my second daughter Maya was born at 7:24 on 31 Jan 2012 at 3070g and 50.0cm. The birth took about 7 hours. My wife was amazingly brave. No meds, all natural, just like last time. I did the best I could to alleviate the tension with sarcastic humour. That has probably killed some men in the delivery room. My wife is different, and that is just one reason why I love her.

Maya is brilliant too. She is super cute. Her eyes opened right away. She poops like crazy. And she is tiny. Adorable. Sasha is treating her very well (at least for now). I can’t believe the tears that filled up my eyes. The second time around has definitely been a very different experience, and I am such a big softie now.

Speaking of being a big softie, one thing different this time around is my weight. Last time I was battling anxiety, and was extremely thin. After the birth of Sasha, I was so tired and had dark rings under my eyes — I looked like I was just freed from Auschwitz. This time on the other hand, I do have the dark rings, but it looks like it is from engaging in an all-night eating marathon. I felt only a twinge of anxiety this time. Most of all I think it was sympathetic pregnancy. Either way, I am a fat bastard. Good thing I got a cool scale for Xmas (though don’t expect me to hook it up to my Twitter account).

As is tradition (in that I did it before my first daughter was born), I let my hair grow for the duration of the pregnancy. My hair grows slowly, but it got pretty scruffy. This time I took it to another level and grew my beard too. Just like last time, I shaved it all off once the baby was born. See the evidence below.

Anyways, it is time to sleep. Thank you all for your congratulations. We are looking forward to 2012 and all it will bring.

Kiai from Chad Kohalyk on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Job not done yet. Wife suffering from after pains. Back to massaging her. I guess I can sleep when I’m dead.

b-mobile fail follow up

Following my post from a few days ago I was advised to contact the b-mobile Help Desk. The result can be capsulated in the following two tweets. I am considering my next move and any potential reaction from b-mobile.


“Because the biggest producers of content on the Internet are not Google and Yahoo — they’re us – we’re the ones getting policed. The real threat to the enactment of PIPA and SOPA is our ability to share things with one another.”

-Clay Shirky, in his “emergency” TED talk about SOPA and why it would create a “consumption-only Internet.”

b-mobile fail

I have a had a really tough time in Japan so far. Free WiFi in Kyoto is nearly non-existent. The choppy Shijo network is my only oasis, and it is pretty grimy. Being disconnected from the web tough as someone who is a trying to start a web business, does a podcast on the side, and is trying to keep in touch with everyone in general via Twitter and Flickr.

Thus I was excited when my b-mobile SIM card with unlimited tethering capability arrived yesterday. w00t! Unfortunately, it sucks. Only 0.12MBps up and 0.06MBps down. The latency is so bad I can’t even download the slew of excellent 5by5 podcasts I am missing.

Needless to say, I did the 21st century slacktivist thing and complained via tweet. When I looked at b-mobile’s twitter feed it looks like I am not the only one. Seems they are having all sorts of trouble with Docomo. Good news though! They will have it fixed “within the month”(!?). WTF. Even worse, turns out they have a 360MB cap over three days!

Looks like it is off to EMOBILE this afternoon. Is “E” better than “B” because it comes later in the alphabet?

Above: Obligatory shot of cloudscape from plane window.

Well, I have made it to Kyoto. I will be here for the next three months. I have been here for three days and have almost gotten over my jetlag. It has been nice to be united with my wife and daughter after three months apart.

Kyoto is like my hometown in Japan. I went to school here and lived for a total of 4 years in this town. I have prowled many of it’s streets, and have many memories here. I plan on visiting many of those special spots. Another thing I am looking forward to is using my 60D to take some photos. I have already started if you take a look at my Flickr feed.

I should be able to more blogging while I am here as well. And of course, I still plan on doing Lining Things Up. I might even do a special Japan version, and interview one or two interesting web people from here.

Anyways, if you are in or around the Kansai area, hit me up and let’s meetup.

My year in books, 2011

In 2011 I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 40 books. I had read 32 in 2010, so I set a stretch goal. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve it. That was understandable considering that I read The Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear and the first 2 and half books from the Song of Ice and Fire series. I should get bonus points considering for those…

Most of the books I read I actually listen to. Audiobooks have been my main channel of consumption for the past few years (in 2010, 22 of 32 and in 2011, 23 of 30 were audiobooks). One of the previous year’s highlights, Steve Jobs, I read both with my Kindle and with the audiobook to get through it faster.

Last year I subscribed to a substantial number of new podcasts (and even started my own), which has taken from my audiobook listening time. One of those podcasts, the wonderful The Incomparable, was responsible for many of the books I picked up last year. I already have a healthy to-read stack for 2012 thanks to those guys.

In 2011 A Game of Thrones and The Lean Startup were my top books of the year. I was disappointed with The Dervish House. Excellent concept, beautiful writing, but it just lost me about three quarters through — I couldn’t finish it. I read a number of tech books this year. Most were great but I think Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants was the the most thought-provoking.

Next year I have set my challenge back down to 30. With a new baby on the way, and with a new company to start, I don’t think I will have as much time for reading. 30 will be a healthy stretch goal.